“Estrategias de mediación en red” , is a project originating in Chile, in South America, and is now being developed in different parts of the world using the Internet. It uses media technologies to bring together visual artists from different parts of the world to work on joint projects.

The project takes into account the circumstances of isolation and insularity that Latin American countries experience in relation to the great centres of cultural production while attempting to generate a flow of knowledge and information between participating artists. It builds a fluid network in which knowledge, information and links can circulate inside and outside Latin America.

It takes as its starting point the urgent need to conceive strategies that can make possible mechanisms for hybridization between cultures, with the objective of moving artistic production away from the “standardising logic” the global economic system operates on.

It attempts to generate participative situations in which different types of cultural interchange will begin to operate with the objective of exchanging, sharing and combining imageries and thus bringing into play the perceptions and fantasies generated by the “phantom of the other”, putting into practice processes in which symbolic values are received and appropriated in a free and direct fashion.

Person responsible: Rosa Apablaza V.
South America


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